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About Zipporah

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I've been a musician for over 30 years and a music educator for over 13 years (as of 2020). My main instrument is my voice, as I have been singing nearly all  my life. As a teenager, I was a music major at Curie High School and also studied at Merit School of Music and Sherwood Conservatory of Music. My teachers were violist/violinists Anita Myles and Renee Baker (Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, Director). During that time, one of my most musically awed moments was receiving coaching during a Master Class from philanthropist and award-winning international violinist, Rachel Barton Pine. 

As a young adult, I continued my musical studies at Sherwood and Northeastern Illinois University. Although primarily a vocalist, I've studied piano, and violin over a 30 year period. During that time, I  was a violinist with the Protégé Philharmonic under Conductor Joseph Glymph. I also studied digital music technology under the instruction of  Grammy-nominated and award-winning songwriter Nelson Mandrell.

In more recent years, I've received coaching from international opera singer Anna  Siwiec-Sitkowska, Violinist Amy Anderson, and Pianist Alyssa Arrigo.

I currently coach aspiring and advanced singers in preparation for gigs, performances, and studio sessions. I also conduct violin and piano lessons, and I like to give performance opportunities to budding musicians. I've taught in community programs, cultural centers, and for both private and public institutions.

Since 2013, I've been an administrator to professional musicians and in my personal time, I like to research learning and retention methods. I currently speak Spanish, Portuguese, and am learning Italian. I also have a background in linguistic and dialectal studies. 

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Zipporah R. at Orchestra Hall

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