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Coaching for Singers

Intermediate Level = $45 per 30 min
Advanced Level = $65 per 45 min
Ensembles = $80 per hour + $10 per person


Who do you coach? 

  • I coach:

    • Intermediate and Advanced singers and Ensembles

      • Intermediate level - Can sing in tune. Learned some techniques or improvisation = $45 per 30 min

      • Advanced Level - Vocalists who have developed stylistic skills = $65 per 45 min

    • Singers who have some experience singing in front of others

    • Soloists or ensembles

    • Singers who are over the age of 16​​

How do you help singers?

  • I help soloists and ensembles:

    • Prepare through exercises and warm-ups​

    • Improve songs in part or whole

    • Protect and project their voice

    • To strengthen their sound

    • To generate a fuller and richer sound

    • To sing while playing their instrument

In what capacity have you helped soloists and ensembles?

It depends on the need and timeframe for the project. Sometimes it's 1 session. Other times its multiple sessions. I assist with rehearsals, studio recording sessions, and live/public performances in the following capacities:

  • Warm-ups

  • Exercises

  • Learning music and/or lyrics in part or whole

  • Guiding and/or leading vocals

  • Making recommendations to protect or to assist voice during recuperation

  • Making vocal arrangement suggestions for overall song enhancement or improvement

  • Creating and/or adjusting vocal arrangements as needed to fit the overall flow of the song

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